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xBox 360 Slim Help (Sorry onother xBox newbie)

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  • xBox 360 Slim Help (Sorry onother xBox newbie)

    Hi all xBox Gurus,

    First the xBox world is completely new to me, I didn't have any experience with any xBox, but this year I have decided to get one used (excellent condition) xBox 360 Slim.

    Before people start complaining I did research a lot about xBox 360, I have notice that are a lot of modifications available for xbox, some that require welding, other don't, that allow homebrew, USB access etc. I have read a lot of information, tutorials, youtube, blogs etc. There is a lot of information available that make it contradictory and very confusing.

    I still didn't cracked open the xBox, but based on information I have read on the web I think I have figured out the drive I have on the xBox.

    On the back of the xBox I have the information: 10V---10,83S;5V---1A (see first image) and MRF Date: 2011-02-19 (see second image) also on the power supply: 10V---10,83S;5V---1A (see third image). With this information I think it is a Trinity Slim (Valhalla).

    Also based on this tutorial ( the start sounds of the driver when power the xBox on, I think the drive is a Lite-On DG-16D4S, also the DVD tray don’t have any cute (see fourth image).

    The xBox have the dashboard installed Nº: 2.0.17489.0 (see fifth image).

    Of course all this information requires confirmation after open the xBox.

    So my first big question is:
    Based on this information can this xBox be flashed with LT3+ and play backups?


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    In short...yes.

    However the method to unlock (and flash) will vary depending on what fw chip is inside the DVD drive...
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