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  • D4S Flashing help!

    Hi guys,
    I'm having some issues flashing a replacement 16D4S board I got, I have my key from OWF saved in a JF log file (long story short before I could dump the key I broke the original PCB beyond repair, derp) and an 'unlocked' PCB from Amazon, the drive shows as SPI status 0x00 and is reading as a 16D4S 0225 in JF... I can read the FW just fine, and it appears as though flashing the FW works fine, but for some reason when I set the Key to my original key it never writes it to the drive.

    I've even made CFW and put the key into the FW file and it still just writes all the 7's

    Any advice/help? It has been about 5 years since I've done any form of flashing FW so I'm rusty... using HW I'm new to such as the TX X360Usb V1 CK3i etc.

    (re-posted as my other thread seems to be broken... sorry if its not)

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    you cannot create 0225fw with JUST a key thats why its not writing to the drive,
    unless you have a copy of the original ofw or at least a dummy.bin you will require RGH and LTU.
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      Yeah you will need to RGH your xbox if the pcb is broke and yeah try to keep it to one post per subject
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        Thanks for the info guys!

        I may yet be able to recover the original drive then if I have to... essentially the trace you need to probe under the MXIC chip tore off after I clumsily overheated the pad. Potentially I'm thinking I could use a modelling drill to widen the hole in the board and attempt a repair using a silver pen to re-draw the trace from the solder the other side of the board.

        I know it's a slim chance but I've never done an RGH before and this is already bricked anyway!