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Update to latest from iXtreme 1.61

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  • Update to latest from iXtreme 1.61

    A very long time ago, I flashed my xbox liteon DG-16D2S drive with iXtreme 1.61. Fast forward to like 10 years later and I'm looking at updating it to 3.0 and updating the dashboard to a later one in order to play some newer games.

    Is there an easy update path, or do I have to take the dvd drive out again and reflash to the latest? Is there something like a boot disc with the latest firmware that I can load up to reflash it?


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    You need to remove the dvd drive and extract the dvdkey this will make things easier as when you update the 360 your drive revision will be changed making it a little harder to get your dvdkey.

    Follow JF tutorial to extract your dvdkey

    Now update your 360

    Now update your drive to LT+3.0

    Good luck
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