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"This disk is undreadable"

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  • "This disk is undreadable"

    Hello everyone.. great to be a part of this community.

    I am a little confused on something.
    I have a DG-16D2S drive and it has been flashed with LT 3.0. I was having some problems on disk read errors so I went ahead a purchased a new laser.

    After installing the laser, I play one of my backups and it reads and works just fine for about 10, maybe 15 minutes then I get the message "this disk is unreadable".

    I am using burnmax firmware with an iHas at 2x on Verbatims and injecting the correct topology data but am constantly getting this error.
    Has anyone else experienced this and came to a resolution?
    I bought the laser from a reputable dealer on eBay.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Kprobe and burn logs


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      Simply to add to BigBoss: are you playing off disc or HDD installed data? Try installing if you are doing the other one.
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        How do you know the seller is selling 'new lasers'?

        If its spelt wrong it because off my fat didgits!


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          Originally posted by Xman85 View Post
          How do you know the seller is selling 'new lasers'?

          If its spelt wrong it because off my fat didgits!
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          yeah, i meant "disk is unreadable" lol
          my fault

          "kprobe"? never heard of that.
          also, i'm running this backup directly off the disk.

          installing it to the hard drive makes a difference?


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            "This disk is undreadable"

            What do you mean injecting topology data? Running the ISO through abgx360 I hope. Kprobe checks the quality of your burn. Do you know what an xgd3 game is and the purpose of Burnermax fw? I should advise you to download kprobe and run your backup disc through it at 4x after which post a screenshot of the results here. Also did you check your lasers pot before and after changing it out? As an adjustment is all you may need.


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              It could be worth checking the laser ribbon cable, they can split giving the same issue.
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