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Some Advice, related to backups

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  • Some Advice, related to backups

    hello all,
    i have been around since xbox 1 days, so pretty familiar with it. havent back up any games in a while but when i stopped i was burning XDG3 games no problems on memorex disc. that was my last pc as it died rather quick, thanx win10. so now im babk and needing to back up games again. 4 year old found em and played with a few of them (shiny frisbees).

    current set up
    BenQ with 800fw
    CK3 lite pro
    XBC latest build 2.9(?)
    ABGX = auto rebuild (option 3)
    img burn @x4
    verbatium mk003
    IHas 324 b flashed of course

    basically rip retail disk with XBC, then i verify it thru ABGX, then i burn it wth IMGburn @x4 speed w/no verify.
    settings for imgburn (LiteOn).
    (1st burn)
    Force Hyper tuning on , online hyper tuning disabled, over speed disabled, smartburn disabled, opc is on.

    kprobe results where very nice.
    placed in xbox and got play game w/no pic and dirty disc error right off the bat.

    second burn
    force hyper on, online hyper tuning on, over speed enabled, smart burn disabled (on for truncated, i think), opc is N/a.
    K probe results (advanced warfare)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Advanced warfare.PNG
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Size:	22.5 KB
ID:	443327
    again good results, and plays fine, i can hear the laser going crazy. it will install until 51% (layer break?) then dirty disk. does this for all XGD3 games. so i burnt a wave 19 game and no problems.

    PC is running win10 pro 64 bit and is a well above average pc.
    before old pc win8.1 was fine could even use Jungle flasher, but not so much now.
    discs are verbatim mk003 from the arabs mistrate or something close to that burnt @ x4.

    any suggestions?
    thanx in advance

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    Your on the right tracks,
    the settings are each to thier own, i.e what's works for some may not work for you,
    but in general, I would leave smart burn on, as it learns what's best, also I would leave online hyper tuning on,
    also check that your burner has been flashed with Ixtreme burner max,
    disc should not ask for truncating or overburn, should show disc size as 8.7GB not 8.4GB

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      Pretty sure it is, is there a way without flashing again? Guess i could just flash it again to be safe. Mind shooting a link.? At work til late.

      i would think so as i could burn a wave 19 game correct or is burner max just for XGD3 games?

      one more question, havent seen this before, but IMGburn has recommendations when burning, should i follow these.
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        To test if it's already been flashed,
        simply pop in a dual layer disc, and check the disc size,
        it should be 8.7GB, if it's only 8.4gb then it needs flashing,
        there are no tools required and there is a very easy to follow tutorial,
        that comes with the Burnermax download

        CG Pro Gaming Tournaments

        the above site is for single xbox live and psn players
        looking to join teams and take part in online battles and tournaments


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          think i got. thanx for your help.
          loaded a back up of BO3 to compare to a fresh burn with above mentions(IMGburn made a couple of recommendations and i didnt follow them), and got error half way thru IMGburn, so i went to burn again with its recommendations and got a nice clean burn.
          Forced hyper tune on.
          Online Hyper tune off
          Overspeed off
          Smartburn on
          OPC N/A (thru normal settings it is checked)
          Click image for larger version

Name:	bo II new settings.PNG
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Size:	22.5 KB
ID:	439969
          went to install on xbox and got a 100% and the drive (disk) is alot quieter(?).

          if the ADvanced warfare plays but doesnt install, thats a bad burn correct? so i wouldn't be able to the backup for another creation right? even if abgx says it all cleared right? IMGburn verified w/o image.
          figure i ask since my retail is at grandmas (mother in law) house, and probably be a few weeks.

          dont know why the Advanced ware bothers me so much i have it for both XBONE and PS4. i must lol
          @JAYCE again thanx for your help