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Bad XGD3 Burns after reformatting my hard drive

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  • Bad XGD3 Burns after reformatting my hard drive

    Hi everyone,

    I had reformatted my hard drive from win 7 32 bit to win 7 64 bit. I did this because I upgraded my ram from 4GB to 8GB. Anyway, i re-installed IMG burn (v2.5.8.0). I previously had DrukenNinja's recommendation settings and I got great consistent results in Kprobe, prior to reformatting. So, i did the same by setting it to the following:
    Layerbreak: Calculate optimal
    EEPROM Settings:

    I used my last MKM-001-00 (from singapore) and burned my XGD3 back up with my ihaus drive (flashed with burnermax). It gave me horrible results. PI Max was over 1000. So i purchased some more verbatim from newegg. I got it yesterday I find it's made in United Arab Emirates. Anyway, Burns aren't getting better. One time it got close, PI max 134, but then it kept getting worse. I did a defrag and had no other apps running and still no good. Wow, this sucks. Can anyone give me suggestions?

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    You will have lost your calibration of your drive...

    Have you followed my settings?
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      I will revisit the settings you posted and try again. Thank you.

      I didn't think I would lose the calibration for the drive. Is there a file on the PC that I could backup that would maintain the calibration of the drive for the future (just in case I have to reformat at a later date)?
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        The iHas will be fine. You will only need to set imageburn settings to those R3D states. I've swapped my iHas between PC's and so long as the burn settings are right you'll have no issue's.. And stick to 003's so you can stick to 4x burning!! And yes i get away with AOne's even with xgd3's so long as the burn settings are right.. Using a 360 for flashing Pot Tweaking 360 Custom Firmware flashing from £10


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          O.k. what I found was that I was not reading the disc at 4x in kprobe. I still didn't get the right readings until I cleared OPC and check OPC. Now I'm good thank you.