Best practices for buying and selling

1) Who are you trading with? Do your homework! Are they a long standing and contributing member? You wouldn't give a random person who you just met in the street $200/£100 for nothing, so the same applies - reputation for what it is worth goes a long way!

2) Have you seen what you are buying? Are they stock images or actual pictures of the items that you are buying? Genuine sellers will provide legitimate information to their buyers, provided it is a genuine request of course.

3) How are you paying? If you pay by PayPal then you are only covered if you paid for the goods as actual 'goods' - there no buyer protection with 'gift' payments (see point 1) - do so at your own risk, don't come crying to us if you get bummed. Sometimes PayPal get 'shitty' about flashed consoles so that might not be an option, bank transfer may or may not appeal but does offer protection however, anything that involves sending money with little or zero paper-trail should set alarm bells ringing - AVOID!

4) Does it sound to good to be true? It often usually is, who would genuinely offer $300/£200 value of goods for $50/£30?! Use common sense, deal openly and transparently then no one can accuse you of doing anything behind 'closed doors'.

If in doubt, ask a member of the team but use common sense and you should be fine. Happy trading!
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Star Wars Xbox 360 LT 3.0 and all flashing tools for sale

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  • Star Wars Xbox 360 LT 3.0 and all flashing tools for sale

    I'm finally selling my Star Wars slim 360 with the latest flashed firmware and all of my flashing and burning hardware. The system works flawlessly and comes with two C3PO controllers, rechargeable batteries and the power brick.
    As for the hardware, I have an iHas burner, the power supply for it, the x360 USB pro, the CK3 lite, and the TX probe 3.
    I'm willing to sell the system and flashing tools together or separately, but not piece by piece. Please message me with offers if interested. Thanks.
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