Best practices for buying and selling

1) Who are you trading with? Do your homework! Are they a long standing and contributing member? You wouldn't give a random person who you just met in the street $200/£100 for nothing, so the same applies - reputation for what it is worth goes a long way!

2) Have you seen what you are buying? Are they stock images or actual pictures of the items that you are buying? Genuine sellers will provide legitimate information to their buyers, provided it is a genuine request of course.

3) How are you paying? If you pay by PayPal then you are only covered if you paid for the goods as actual 'goods' - there no buyer protection with 'gift' payments (see point 1) - do so at your own risk, don't come crying to us if you get bummed. Sometimes PayPal get 'shitty' about flashed consoles so that might not be an option, bank transfer may or may not appeal but does offer protection however, anything that involves sending money with little or zero paper-trail should set alarm bells ringing - AVOID!

4) Does it sound to good to be true? It often usually is, who would genuinely offer $300/£200 value of goods for $50/£30?! Use common sense, deal openly and transparently then no one can accuse you of doing anything behind 'closed doors'.

If in doubt, ask a member of the team but use common sense and you should be fine. Happy trading!
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Xbox 360 Flashing and RGH equipment for sale

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  • Xbox 360 Flashing and RGH equipment for sale


    I no longer have time to do anything Xbox related, have moved on to more lucrative ventures, as such I;m selling everything I have left over.

    This includes:
    • 5 x Ace 360 glitch chips
    • 1 x Nand-X - this might be fubar'd, can't remember
    • 1 x J-runner with speed upgrade
    • 1 x Slim Proto glitch chip
    • 1 x Glitch360 SPI 3,0 nand reader/writer and chip programmer
    • 1 x CK3i with power supply
    • 1 x TX USBPro V1 - for all your drive flashing needs
    • 1 x MXIC PCB board
    • 1 x PCB from xbox 360 E (can't remember the model number, but they can't be flashed)
    • 1 x PS3 working laser
    • 1 x Xbox 360 speaker
    • 1 x TX Demon Phat - used this as a nand reader when points were fried, could do with cleaning up but should other work, although the nand switching module is missing
    • 3 x TX Post-fix adaptors
    • Various misc RGH chips - Xbox360 Pro V6-2 (dual nand chip, probably fubar'd), a coolrunner Rev D, Xbox360 Pro V5
    • 1 x Slim Post QSB V3
    • 1 x completely fried xbox 360 slim E motherboard - good for spare resistors etc
    • 1 x Xbox 360 Slim E full shell including faceplate, fan shroud, hdd holster etc


    Think that's it, if I find anything else I'll update the thread.

    The Xbox360 Ace V2 chips are the equivalent of a TX CR4 in their glitch speed, thanks to the work of russian hacker 15432's work where he has written custom XSVF files for them - all kinds of tutorials can be found over at the team x360 website.

    I'd rather sell this all as a joblot in one. Not sure what to ask for it all, so just make me an offer.
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    How much would you ask for both your usbpro v1 and your ck3i?

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      Hello there, are you still selling all of this?