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    Copying your "non live" Gamer score From a banned console to a live account.

    Hello, In this tutorial I will show you how to combine the score
    from one -Not ever on xbox live- account to a -currently on xbox
    live- account. The inspiration comes from playing on my banned
    console for so long. You see I earned up 18000 points on my banned
    console That I could never figure a way to send over and because they
    were separate accounts. on the hdd they had seperate profile id's

    (Disclaimer:For the record my offline account and my online one had the same exact
    Root name (f0r54ken) So it's likely that this might not work at
    all if they are different; however I'll let you guys tell me, you might
    know better.)

    So here is what I did after a trillion screwed up tshooting attempts.
    (at least all the successful steps If I put the failed steps i'd run
    out of life)

    2 Get con_flag_remover. 1.0 is fine (google it)
    3 Get modio
    4 1 copy of your xbox offline id. I called mine "Banned" (Note there are many
    tutorials for finding your profile in the drive, So I'll leave that out.
    5 1 copy of your legitimate live account "Official" (Notice how both
    id's numbers are different? This means they cannot be merged traditionally.)
    6 xplorer or usb xplorer or usbtafgui. (I found throwing the profiles onto usb
    one at a time from the xbox was a lot easier for me)

    Start by using con-flag to remove the flag from your banned profile. that's simple enough
    basically use con flag to open the banned profile then hit "remove flags. that's it!

    Ok so With all the items needed. you'd start by extracting all the necessary
    information from the Official profile. Using modio drag your official account
    into modios main window and let go. That'll open up the profile.

    From that page open notepad and copy/paste the "profile id" and the "Device Id"
    after that is done go into file contents at the top. extract "Account, live id.bin
    and wle.dat, and everything in the avatar assets folder." Make sure you have these
    files together so you don't mistake them.

    Now i've closed the official tag and have opened the banned one in the same way

    start first by replacing the profile id and the device id with the ones you copied earlier.

    Now move into file contents and right click any white area.
    choose "inject file into root" and replace/add the files from the "official" profile.
    that you took from earlier.

    Please take note the avatar files will be different.
    Make sure that you DELETE the original items inside "avatarassets" then replace it with
    ones from your official profile.

    Rehash and resign multiple times. maybe 3. get on last copy of the profile id cause
    you'll need it in a sec then close the modio.

    now you must change the name of your Banned file to match the official profile (see pic)
    I'll be using the usb drive for this one.

    With this done you are ready to copy this file to the xbox hdd or the usb drive.

    Open usbtafgui or the usb xplorer. Navigate to the same location in which you have your
    profile save erase the one inside the directory and drop your freshly updated profile
    into it's place.

    Close the program take your usb to the NOT banned xbox console. (THIS PART IS VERY
    Your console must NOT be online That'll screw
    everything up. Disconnect the internet by any and all means. now stick in the usb and
    when you see your profile it should say your name but have 0 gamer points and no face.
    sign in on it. Now if done right once signed in you should have all of your offline gamer points and
    none of your online ones. you'll also have yourold gamer pic and clothes.

    Go to the system storage and move your profile into the on board hdd. Now you MUST
    Earn an achievement of some kind. I chose guitar hero as they always have at least
    one easy achievement. I earned that achievement then stopped, saved, and backed out
    to the dash. then I turned the console off.

    I turned the console Back on. then confirmed the points we're still there (they were.)
    THEN I got online. My profile updated online with all of the points I earned some 18000.
    then after which I signed out and signed back in to confirm. It takes some time maybe
    20 minutes, but it will also collect the online ones that you earned. I have a few
    missing myself but honestly that's no big deal cause I have most.

    And that's it! Hopefully this can work with gamer tags that DON'T match. I hope this
    is useful to at least one person cause I couldn't find shit on how to do this one right.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Copying your "non live" Gamer score From a banned console to a live account.-modio-inject-jpg   Copying your "non live" Gamer score From a banned console to a live account.-modio-jpg   Copying your "non live" Gamer score From a banned console to a live account.-save-name-jpg   Copying your "non live" Gamer score From a banned console to a live account.-modio-banned-jpg  
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