iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Is there anyone available or anyway I can retrieve DVD key for MS-28 non jtaggable?

    Not sure if anyone can help me...bought 360 off Craigslist some time ago had 1.61 on it, went to update to latest firmware but goofed somewhere and I was not given the original DVD key when I bought it so now i get "play DVD" for all my discs. I want to buy an xk3y to use so I can load games from an external drive but I apparently need my original drive key for this. My dashboard has been updated past what is jtaggable so Im kinda screwed there... Ive been loking for a while trying to find if there is any recovery for the key in my situation but have came up empty handed. Does anyone know how to do this by any chance, will pay whatever for what is needed as Ive put a lot into this 360 already with fans and casing and whatnots.... I did read somewhere that the MS-28 drive key can still be recovered . Not sure if this is true or not. Any help is GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!

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    You don't live in North Bergen NJ... do you? lol cuz I flashed the wrong drive by accident without saving the key to one of my xbox's so now that xbox was useless. I grabbed a broken (bad laser) drive and just shoved it into the useless xbox and sold it on Craigslist. hehe

    anyways... if that xbox you bought worked before you messed around... then you're in good shape. I don't know how you "goofed" but that's very important. did you simply not know what to do and got an error (things are good here) or did you flash the drive with the wrong key(time to throw it out)?

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    if you didnt save the key, and you have already erased the drive, you havent got much of a chance. you can perform the reset glitch hack on certain motherboards and use certain features to retrieve the key (i personally have no experience with this), but it takes some skill and is definately not for beginners.
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