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    Possibly a Battlefield 3 MP work around

    Hey guys, first post here.

    Anyways as the title says I might of accidentally stumbled upon a work for BF3's multiplayer code.

    This is not complete factuality, and hasn't been tested.

    My buddy was over one night and he brought BF3 over. It was around when it first came out. We threw the disk in and just signed into my XBL account not knowing about the code protection yet.

    When we selected mulitplayer and it asked for a code, I told my friend he should recover his account so the code would be linked to his account. So he did and we played on and off all night.

    So a few weeks later my girlfriend bought me BF3.

    Put the disk in, selected multiplayer, started playing. I never had to enter in the code in my game case.

    This would come in handy for those who have multiple 360's, and payed money for their disk.

    Like said before this has not been tested but I would encourage someone to try.

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    cool nice one pal cheers for the info...
    Newcastle Flashing
    Don't thank me, thank my THANKS button!!

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    at least that reatard teached me something
    ...shame it wasn't how to spell...

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