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    Halo: Combat Evolved Beta Coming October 4th

    343 Industries will be hosting a beta for the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition early next month. With a November release window for the game, Halo fans will be getting a title update for Halo: Reach, and with that, Microsoft will be adding a matchmaking beta playlist to the game for all Xbox Live gold members that own Bungie's final offering to the Halo universe.343 recently unveiled one of the classic maps for the Halo: CE multiplayer. The fan favorite from Halo 2, Headlong has a load of newly remastered screenshots which can be found here.The Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition arrives on November 15th with a remastered original Halo: CE campaign and reworked versions of classic Halo multiplayer playlists. Get your first look at multiplayer on October 4th.Halo: Combat Evolved Beta Coming October 4th-75fbf45991-jpg

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    Now i'm little confused from looks we'll be getting two disc same as ODST one for halo campaigh with halo 3 engine, other is basically reach multiplayer with old remastered maps. Now, they said we would be able to use halo CE pistal if thats true how will this play out in halo reach servers? that makes me believe we will be in same servers but private ones/hidden servers. that still doesn't sit well with me. Also apperently the multiplayer maps from halo CE Ann will later be avalaible for halo reach players to download.
    And I was actually looking forward playing actual halo CE Ann multiplayer away from other halo games, makes me think i'm only paying for half a game like ODST.

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