iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Post Gamers use Xbox 360 parts to fix Nintendo 3DS

    We recently reported that the Nintendo 3DS has a slight problem with its current design where the lower screen rubs against the top screen causing marks to appear which can then become permanent scratches (SSoD).

    Well it seems some illustrious gamers have come up with a home made solution to an increasingly common problem especially as Nintendo refuse to take responsibility for the problem and recommend using a piece of plastic or cloth placed between the two screens instead.
    By taking off the little rubber feet from the base of their Xbox 360 consoles and sticking them to the top screen of the 3DS creates better cushioning and prevents the lower screen housing from ever touching the top screen, thus alleviating the scratching issue.
    If you're a 3DS owner and also own any electronic device (especially a 360), then perhaps this method is something you should consider - do try this at home. We spoke to Nintendo customer services about performing this action and because the rubber feet would be removable, this act wouldn't be classed as a permanent modification to the console thus not affecting your warranty in any way.
    Gamers use Xbox 360 parts to fix Nintendo 3DS-news15813-s1-t1312371241-jpg
    Gamers use Xbox 360 parts to fix Nintendo 3DS-news15813-s1-t1312371242-lg-jpg
    step 1 buy Xecuter X360USB PRO - ModTraders.co.uk plus ck3 prob 3
    step 2 find out what drive you have by opening it and looking at drive
    step 3 find tut for drive you have : X360USB PRO Guides & Tutorials - Team Xecuter
    step 4 download latest jungle flasher :JungleFlasher.0.1.87.Beta(277)
    step 5 download latest firmware :ixtreme LT 1.91 LT 1.92
    Also flash your drive back to stock before updating to latest dash :http://hotfile.com/dl/120935934/28dc..._Pack.rar.html

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    seems like a genuine good idea



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    creative idea....too bad the 3ds is going to suffer the same fate as virtual boy

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