iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    ABGX Game CRC Recovered Error

    Hi guys

    I have a question about checking burned XGD3 backup with ABGX.

    So i burned a XGD3 backup and got these solid kprobe2 results:
    ABGX Game CRC Recovered Error-mw3-2-png
    I then ran ABGX on this burned DVD, and everything looks good and green, except for this:
    ABGX Game CRC Recovered Error-screen-shot-2012-08-07-19-10-39-png
    There is 1 recovered error and 1 total retries.

    What does this exactly mean? Should I re-burn it to be even more safe on LIVE, or is this normal/acceptable?

    (I checked one other XGD3 backup and it also shows 1 recovered error)
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    If you ran the iso thru abgx before burning, then you only need to run the disk thru kprobe and test install to the Xbox HDD. I also get the same error occasionally on a certaiin drive (not my ihas). I think it is a hardware glitch, but if it recovers the error and it only takes one retry to resolve the issue then no worries.
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    I did run it through ABGX before burning. It installs to HDD without problems. It is possible that it is a hardware glitch, because it seems to be similar on both DVDs - maybe around layer-break.

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