iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Unhappy Ultra low quality on XGD3 - Lite On iHas 124

    Hi to everyone,

    Recently I have been trying to create a Soulcalibur 5 backup, however after successfully burning the image,
    I checked the disc with abgx and result said that "stealth verified but the game data wasn't."

    Then I downloaded the KProbe and wanted to see what are the results, and PI vals are pretty higher, I have tried to burn with different settings with ImgBurn and all the disc verification failed on %50 with abgx.

    I am using win xp, and my imgburn settings are as follows;

    OPC : off
    Force Hypertuning : enabled
    Online Hypertuning : disabled
    Overspeed : disabled
    Smartburn : enabled

    My disk is MKM-003

    DVD : Lite-ON iHAS 124 B

    and I tried to write with both 2.4x and 4x, same bad results.

    (Currently trying to write with win xp safe mode on 4x, but it seems it will fail, device buffer is going down and up continuosly and the writing rate is 1.2x )

    I am desperate for a help and recommendation.

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    First the first stickie in the open forum explains xgd3 burning.

    Abgx1.0.6 prior to burn!

    Krprobev2 after burn.

    How these important steps get overlooked is betond me.

    Mkm003's like 4x burning speed.

    Try burning usind R3d or drunken ninja setting or any variation of your that work . Do not verify in imgburn at all please read suggested material before posting again.

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