iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Multiple questions lol xbox 360 backupss

    I have a few questions like always lol number

    1.today i tryed to burn a back up on a memorex 8x dual layer disc and failed that i put a verbatom 2.4x it works great so i was wonderin i have a ihas124-04-b does the disc i use to burn on have anything to do with my firmware for my ihas (ixtreme) do i have to burn on verbatom?

    Number 2. When im burning xgd3 games do i use diffrent settings in imgburn then when i doing regular games and xgd3 games

    number 3.what are the best disc i should get for burning my xbox360 backups

    number 4. To rip my games do i need a lite on or benq drive from a 360 to rip with the 0800 firmware or can i use anydrive and if there are any other methods to rip can u let me know

    sorry the all the questions but you guys are so damn smart

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    1. VerbatOms are recommended
    2. Same thing
    3. VerbatOms
    4. 0800 drives

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