iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Backups Play On One Console But Not On My Other

    Ok..Here is the problem

    I have two consoles one with a benq drive flashed with ixtreme 1.6.1
    The other is a liteon flashed with ixtreme lt

    well the problem being games that i aquired play on both systems (ones i never ripped and burned) but seeing how they say ssv2 is prefered for lt and the majority i have are ssv1 i decided to use an older system i requiered which also has a benq drive with 0800 firmware installed to rip some of my original games (rips them fine) to obviously play on

    So i ripped my game/s which i must admit i burned onto cheaper media for the time being as i wanted to make sure i was doing everything right etc... ripping it, checkin it in abgx, setting imageburns booktype etc, which im certain im doing right, assuming everything is right they should play on the system running ixtreme lt on the liteon drive but they dont, If i put the disc into the system running the benq and ixtreme 1.6.1 they work fine which would make me assume the media is fine (for the time being) the only thing i dont get is why the older ssv1 copies would work on the lt drive and the ones i have done wont, the liteon drive has a brand new lazer so i know it aint that.. the liteon drive also plays originals.. dvds.. and like i said older backups i have.

    does anyone else have this problem? or able to point me in the right direction.. or is lt only compatable with verbatim media? (which would seem strange if it was)

    GAMES I RIPPED AND BURNED ARE: Need For Speed Shift & Colin Mcrae Dirt 2

    cheers for any help

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    Re: Backups Play On One Console But Not On My Other

    what message do you get? open tray, or play dvd? open tray is down to the disc makes i'm sure as i did 3 360's the other day, 2 of them would play ME2 and the 3rd wouldnt (but would play other wave 6 games on different discs)

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