iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Question original xbox backups on the 360

    hi again

    ive got a liteon phat flashed with 1.91 but i am having problems playing original xbox games on it. none of them load.

    ive been searching through forums but any information i find seems out of date or unreliable.

    id like to be able to create backups of my original xbox games, burn them and play on my 360.

    ive been trying to get wxripper to backup the games but it always fails. ive used it successfully to backup any 360 game ive given it.

    anyone have an links to a good guide? even a name of a program that works would be very helpful.

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    Do you have 0800 firmware on your drive you trying to back games up with? if so I suggest you try "xbox backup creater"
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