iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    To Benq or not to Benq? That is the question.

    Okay, here goes. I have an xbox 360 with benq drive flashed firmware. I also have a spare benq drive with original firmware and I purchased a ts-h352c dvd drive to kreon flash. I want to make backups of my games. I'm looking for suggestions here. Should I flash the spare benq with 0800 and use it to create my backups, or should I kreon flash the ts-h352c drive and use it with xbc? I can't seem to find anything about the kreon for the ts-h352 online. At least not anywhere I can download the firmware. Thanks for all suggestions. Also, let me apologize if anyone construes this question as an act of piracy. I merely want to make backups of original games I own. Thanks again.
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    The Sammy SH-D162C and TS-H352C are the same drive, different model number. So the same Kreon FW works for both. But from what I understand your drive has to be flashed using the "nocheck" process using DOS. That's all I know about that. Also, backups using Kreon FW all have to be patched to SSv2 in ABGX. So, really this FW is obsolete, and more so with the 0800 v2.0 for Benq coming soon. That's why I opted for the Benq.

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